Create your own bots!

Welcome on, the tool to create your own bots! Here is a quick presentation of the interface of the tool:

What is it for?

Cheateo send fake traffic to the web page of your choice, can fill form, listen soundcloud song, videos, or click on advertisement!

How it looks like?

The first step when you arrive is to create a new project. We recommend to use one project for one website. Here is my own list of projects:

Then you have to create a bot (or many bots) for each project. The interface to create the path of the bot looks like this one:

Here the bot will first go a Then on a directory of my choice (so the owner of this directory think it’s a real visitor from Google). Then he clicks on my website, so I improve my rating in the “Top Hits” page. Once on my website, he choose randomly to click on one of my partner (so this guy will think I send him a lot of visitors!), or on an advertisement (so I can earn my 10 bucks!). Once on the page of the advertisement, the bot click on whatever links he found (.*) randomly.

After some days and some tests, I can check my log and see how many fake visits I sent!


That’s all for today! Enjoy our tool. 😉

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