How to create a traffic bot?

More and more people are using traffic bot to increase the number of views on their own website. There are many reasons to this, including improving his bounce rate, the number of page views per visitor, display advertisement, etc. But how to do it?

The Easy Way

At, we try to make your life easier. This is why you can create your own traffic bot in some seconds only! You can subscribe right now if you want to test the tool for free!

Then if you need to configure a special behaviour (scroll, click on links, wait to watch a video, etc.), you can. Just have a look on the help page for this.

The Hard Way

You could configure yourself a bot with a plugin like imacros. You could configure imacros to visite a website X times, using a different IP each time (for example you could use the API of The main issue with this is that your will use always the same browser, so it’s quite easy to detect. And you are going to send all the fake traffic at the same time and use all the power of your laptop. It’s free, but not really easy…

The Developper Way

Maybe you heard about Selenium? You could install it on a server, configure it properly, buy some IPs (see for this), and code it so it launches itself each X minutes. Developping with Selenium is not really hard, but between the server part, the network part and the code, I hope you have a really good knowledge to handle all this.

Example of the code to visit a webpage in Node.JS:

var webdriver = require('selenium-webdriver'), driver;
driver = new webdriver.Builder().
    'browserName': 'chrome',
    'platform': 'Windows XP',
    'version': '43.0',
    'username': username,
    'accessKey': accessKey
driver.getTitle().then(function (title) {
    console.log("title is: " + title);