Attract thousands of new visitors to your blog

Your email list is comprised of people who successfully visited your site at least one time. So it’s the perfect platform to get more traffic back to your site. They know you already. They liked your content enough to subscribe to your email list. So they are more likely than anyone else to head back to your blog a second, third or tenth time.

Email your list when a new blog post is released and encourage them to read the blog. If your email is enticing, they are likely to click through the link to read your new post. More traffic for you!

A lot of people make the mistake of only tweeting their blog posts once or twice. That’s a huge blogging no-no. A huge portion of your Twitter followers won’t see it, especially those that don’t live in the same time zone as you. Make sure all of your Tweets have hashtags.

Advertising costs may not fit within your budget. But if you’re looking for an easy way to get more website page views, consider spending a few dollars on Facebook advertisements that direct people to information-rich blog posts that resolve a common problem your target audience struggles with.

Most importantly, spend time writing blogs that are incredibly detailed, informative, and actionable. We used to think that blog posts shouldn’t be longer than 500 words or so. That’s just not true anymore. Great blog posts can range anywhere between 700 words to 3000.

Quality over quantity, of course, but don’t leave your readers feeling like they still have unanswered questions. Detailed content leaves readers feeling happy, satisfied, and excited to come back for your next blog post later on. Detailed blog posts also make it more likely that your readers will share the blog with their audience, granting you more exposure and increasing traffic to your blog. It’s a win/win for everyone.

The best thing you can do as a blogger spends time trying new things and experimenting. Your website page views won’t automatically skyrocket, but they will steadily climb if you make an effort to implement new strategies, stay consistent and try out some of the best traffic sources out there (for example Babylon Traffic).