Largest traffic websites

Google, YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn are all in the top 20 traffic sites in the world. Whether you’re a plumber, SaaS marketer, or recipe blogger, you can find your target audience through one or both of these sources. Or if you sell physical products, you likely sell them on the e-commerce giants such as Amazon and eBay—same concept really as you can sell virtually anything on them due to their size. There’s nothing wrong with focusing on getting traffic from these well-known sites.

However, it’s a shame that more marketers don’t realize that social media and SEO are just the surfaces of web traffic. They are the obvious ones that every marketer tries to get traffic from, which leads to stiff competition.

But there are opportunities elsewhere if you know where to look.

For example, I found a lot of success when I mixed the largest traffic sites with top-notch traffic tool, like Babylon. Soon after I tried this one out, I found great results not only with traffic but also with reduced bounce rate. This turned out to be perfect for me and I don’t see why it can’t be the same for you. Especially because they have such a variety of different features to offer. Search engines and social media giants are fantastic sources of traffic for almost all businesses. But…they are hard to capitalize on. The best marketers win big, while a large portion of marketers struggles.

Unless you’re already getting a great ROI on them, you’re probably better off finding new traffic sources that marketers in your industry haven’t saturated yet.

If you have patience and persevere through the tough parts in the beginning while you figure out the best marketing strategy on these new sites, you’ll find that you can get much more traffic with less effort (and cost).