Discover how to use a traffic bot to generate views

It sure is frustrating when you put so much hard work into your website, only to be faced with dwindling visitor time spent on site and poor overall traffic. If you are in this situation or you simply don’t know how to increase your views then I warmly suggest Babylon Traffic. It is by far the best traffic tool that I stumble upon, truly one-size-fits-all solution. Effectiveness of this tool would show through your ranking and popularity in a span of a very short time.

But you should always keep in mind that the average internet user now has an attention span of eight seconds. If you can’t convince visitors in that amount of time (or less) that your content is of value to them, the extra page views you would get from Babylon, social shares, may suffer.

With all that in mind, I’ll offer some practical advice on this blog that can help you maximize those all-important page views on your site.

It’s time to get honest with yourself and ask whether your visitors could find the same information elsewhere or whether your theme could use some serious updating. If you want to get serious about page views,

These are just a few tips that you can focus on, but there really are a seemingly endless amount of things you can do to increase your page views.

Give Visitors More Relevant Stuff to Click On- There’s a big difference between a site that’s been plastered with useless links and a site that cleverly places links to flow nicely and lead the visitor through a series of useful pages based on where they started. Insert Relevant and Related Links in the Right Places, Use Your Sidebar to Feature Popular Content, Create a Compelling Category Menu, Gather Clues from Your Bounce Rate. Without getting terribly specific, an overall bounce rate of 41–55% is about average while 26-41% is excellent. With the help of Babylon, soon your bounce rate won’t present a problem.