The simple way to generate page views on a website

Striving to increase page views per visitor is ironic because most website publishers want to ultimately maximize revenue, which means for many publishers, we want visitors to click an ad or click an affiliate link.

In a perfect world, a visitor clicks an affiliate link, comes back to the site, clicks, and ad and then goes to the merchant promoted with a said affiliate link and spends $100,000. Yes, we can dream.

Sadly, the reality is a very small percentage of visitors will click an ad or click an affiliate link and buy something.

Besides, for many websites, we also must pay some attention to the Big G (Google).  We love free traffic and Google can send it in droves.

Google likes websites with a low bounce rate, high page views per visitor, long time on site… all the metrics that can significantly improve by using quality traffic tool called Babylon.

At the end of the day, You would be satisfied with mention tool because it will increase page views and improve all those other UX metrics.  In many cases, it can also increase revenue because the more ads and affiliate links that are displayed, the more likely they’ll be clicked. Consequently, I play along which means I’ve spent countless hours working to increase page views per visitor.

Yes, you can incorporate methods to increase pageviews but can do so in a way that actually compromises your primary goal (especially if your goal is to improve user experience and SEO).

The key is testing to see what works.

I also pay attention to what other websites do in my niche as well as other sites generally.  I’ve discovered many good ideas simply by analyzing other websites while I’m visiting. I’m sure you do the same.