The best ways to get web traffic from a specific country

There are many factors that can help you to get country-specific traffic. In this blog, I will share some ideas that are likely to help you improve the traffic from your target country. There is, of course, the easy solution of buying country-specific traffic from quality traffic tool called Babylon Traffic which can work in the case of commercial and e-commerce sites. Of course, I’ll mention some other practical ways of increasing traffic:

When Google Search was launched, they used backlinks to determine the popularity of content. Much has changed over time, but the importance of backlinks remains significant. For this reason, it is a good idea to target country-specific backlinks.

Your content is the main signal that Google uses to determine which country you are targeting. If you are targeting multiple countries with your generic domain name extension (.com, .org), add the country’s name in your posts’ meta titles and descriptions. This will not only make your content more keyword-targeted, but it will also give a clear signal that you are targeting a specific country.

This may not apply to a generic blog, but if you are running a service blog or an e-commerce website, Google Places is going to be very handy.

Claim your business on Google Places, and add all related information such as an address, phone number, etc. This will help Google to determine the location of your business.

In the end, for country-based traffic, you should submit your website to local search engines and local web directories. This will eventually become a very useful tool for getting country-specific backlinks, which will become a significant factor in determining the geo-location of your traffic. Bottom line is when you identify a strategy that works, you can focus on that strategy and work on it to push it to the next level.