Find out the best alternatives for 10kHits

Although 10kHits has good potential and manages to gain traction amongst auto-surf traffic exchange programs; my experience with the free version was not good and I think there are far better alternatives that are worth the time in 2019. 

First, these are some negative sides of 10kHits:

Poor Traffic for Free Accounts To push towards their upgraded pro & business accounts; free accounts receive their traffic last in line which seems to have a significant impact on traffic quality — delivery rate and traffic amount is far from expected. ReferralBe careful on this one as hits from free accounts will show as the referring URL; which will obviously blow your cover if you don’t want the receiving end to know the traffic source — this can be however avoided by some methods.

Software problems 10KHits Exchanger earns you the points that are then used to receive hits to your site, but it has several problems. You have to do an (a) manual login every time you start up the software. And while it has been stable on Windows 10, I’ve had plenty of crashes on Windows 7. Also, it (b) doesn’t mute sounds coming from the websites.

These are some of the best alternative automatic exchange programs that I use.

HitLeap- The functionality is similar to 10Khits; except it solves pretty much all the problems above. 

PandaBot- This is a much more complex way of hands-free auto browsing with heaps of benefits (& a learning curve). Run complex traffic campaigns so the visitors will actual browse your website, or even search your website on Google and click on the SERP. 

But, based on my personal experience I would suggest you use a traffic generator called Babylon Traffic. If you are ready to gain more genuine website traffic, video views, and shares of your social media and blog posts, don’t wait but sign up with the mentioned tool.