Places to buy traffic that converts for your affiliate blog

Most people go with paid traffic and for good reasons, there are crazy opportunities in the realm of PPC (Pay Per Click). The trouble with PPC is that it costs money to make mistakes. If you drive traffic to a page on your website for just $0.50 per click and you get 1,000 clicks, that’ll cost you $500!

What that means is you’d better be sure that the page you send clicks to can convert to sales and earn you a net profit. $100 in paid traffic that creates $200 in sales is a profit of $100, so you did a good job if that’s the case.

The next “proper” step would be to optimize your page. After some days or weeks of tweaking your ad settings, ad copy, and landing page, you finally have a campaign that earns a net profit. It took some initial investment, but now you can rinse and repeat this ad for similar topics.

The main advantage of paid traffic is that you get instant results. Especially if you use the services of a high-quality traffic tool like Babylon Traffic. Within a day you can be sending hundreds of visitors to a single page on your website. You have full control of the traffic flow and can tweak or test things on the fly.

The main places to start with PPC are going to Bing Ads and Facebook Ads. Both websites have relatively cheap ads and are forgiving if you break their rules once or twice. 

Adwords is Google’s ad platform. There’s way more traffic and opportunity to explore with Adwords, but that comes at a cost. Ads are more expensive, and their rules are very strict. Historically, Google has been very unforgiving to rule-breakers and there’s no customer support line to plead your case.