The best-paid traffic sources for ClickBank

When it comes to promoting Clickbank products, the traffic is the hardest part to get right. This is some of the best traffic sources:

Bing advertising is the home to affiliate marketing PPC ads, for a big reason: They are easy on affiliate marketers and affiliate products.

Bing is generally much less harsh on affiliate marketers and allows marketing offers as long as they’re not too outrageous. For example, Bing works perfectly fine if you’re promoting Clickbank health-related or online business products as long as you have a presell page.

Forums are where the conversation about your topic is already taking place and that makes them the best place to find your potential customers. In our recent article about forum traffic, I mentioned that there are 2 ways to get traffic from forums. 

Making YouTube videos will do magic in affiliate marketing. It establishes you as a real person and people generally trust you more. When people trust you more, it’ll take less effort from your side to sell products.

On the other side, YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world and people look for answers on YouTube.

Solo ads are the most popular ads in affiliate marketing. We have over a dozen articles about solo ads in our blog which shows our love for them!

Solo ads are basically ad spots you purchase from someone with a list. You give them the email subject and copy, with your link and they will send it out to their list.

Clickbank is one of the best affiliate programs. However to get the best out of it use mentioned traffic sources with a traffic tool, such as Babylon Traffic. Babylon will help you to get high quality converting traffic. Buying traffic could as well be your best bet, given its limitless advantages. Simply put, all the work has already been done for you and all you do is just reap the fruits.