A good Alexa Rank in India and how to improve it

This will largely depend on industry. Obviously, the #1 ranking would be the best of all but that spot is firmly taken up by Google. The #2 spot is Facebook, the #3 spot is YouTube. It just goes on from there. If you look specifically at the India rankings, you see many of the same sites.

You can improve your website’s Alexa rank using several ethical practices without manipulating the tool. Below I’ve highlighted some useful tips:

  •                 Add meta tags to your site on the Alexa tool so that it can be verified as a property of the Alexa account.
  •                 Add the Alexa widget to your website or blog to get more regular visitors and receive more accurate results.
  •                 Update your site regularly with fresh, original content that’s useful for your target audience and well-written.
  •                 Try to get visitors and friends to review your site on Alexa. Encourage them to leave nice comments that’ll surely nudge your rankings a bit higher.
  •                 Promote your articles on popular social networking sites that are frequented by your target audience.
  •                 Another tactic to improve page views is to move any download buttons to the next page.

Leverage the tricks mentioned above to naturally boost your Alexa rank and increase your website’s popularity. Everything above 70 000 is pretty decent. If you are not satisfied with your current Alexa rankings then I would suggest Babylon Traffic, top-notch tool that can help you in this field.

It’s fair to say that Alexa rankings are an important part of measuring a website’s SEO performance. Yet, it shouldn’t be used as the primary tool for monitoring traffic since results can be relative and inaccurate.

Instead of ignoring the Alexa ranking system altogether, I suggest that you use it as a complementary tool to strengthen your SEO strategy. A higher Alexa rank can help you improve your site’s popularity and bringing in more revenue.