The safest traffic bot you can use

If you are managing a website, you probably already know how hard is to generate traffic. This task is even harder when you run AdSense on your site, and trying to make a profit. AdSense is a relatively good source of income if you have enough traffic to your website. Google however can ban your account if you try to trick the system. They are very picky on the content you create, but this is in your control. However when you buy traffic to your site the game is changing.

Well you can never be sure that the traffic you buy will be ok for your site. However there are websites such as Babylon Traffic that claims to provide traffic that will work for AdSense sites as well. They state the fact that there were no reports about banned AdSense accounts from the traffic they have sent.

You should always buy traffic progressively and not all at once. Buying high amount of traffic in a very short period of time can be suspicious and it uncontrollable. Even though it is not against Google AdSense terms to buy traffic, you should still do it carefully. Make it look natural, like a constantly growing website that gain more and more traffic overtime. Do not be greedy and plan for long term results instead of short term.

So to answer: it is possible to buy one million visitors in 30 days that is safe for AdSense website, the answer is yes. From Babylon Traffic you buy one million visitors and can choose to distribute it over a certain period of time: from 7 days to up to 90 days.

Your profit really depends on the website topic and advertiser competition. For example, a tech blog can earn much more than a website with funny pictures.