Three solutions for your website to get recognized by Alexa

Follow these steps to get your sites/blosg recognized by Alexa:

  1. A) Install Alexa toolbar into your Chrome browsers.
  2. B) Install an Alexa Rank Plugin or Add Alexa Ranking code into your Blog or site.
  3. C) Do something to drive traffic to your website or blog.


But, remember this- Alexa is quite literally useless if the site in question is doing less than 250k uniques per month.

The data gathered from that kind of websites/blogs is all over the place. They are firing blind, and they don’t even come close to each other.

Their systems for estimating traffic are based on toolbars and limited pools of data and are useless for lower traffic sites. If you’re doing <1000 uniques per month, it’s not even on their radar.

The Alexa Rank is based on two different datasets.

The first is the total number of unique visitors to a given website. The second is the total number of pageviews. Two very simple, yet valuable metrics.

Basically, to get a high Alexa Rank, you not only have to get a lot of traffic, but that traffic has to stick around and check out a lot of different pages. Best tool, by far, that will provide you with this kind of traffic is Babylon.

If you have a site with a lot of traffic, and that traffic spends a lot of time on your site (both could be provided by mentioned quality tool) then you probably have a super valuable site.

With Alexa Rank, you can determine the general traffic levels of your site and your competitors’ sites.

Here’s the short form of what Alexa Traffic Rank can tell you:

How much traffic a website receives (roughly)

The site’s rank across the internet (only accurate for ranks below 100,000)

A few quality indicators like time on site and bounce rate