Ways to attract unlimited website traffic to your affiliate link

Here are the top 3 proven ways to drive quality traffic to your affiliate marketing website and increase your income-generating potential.


It is virtually essential to have your own website in order to achieve a good success in affiliate marketing. You can do without it, but your own website adds a credibility and trust to your business. Your site can be purely an affiliate sales site, but your personal blog makes it easier to get in touch with prospective customers and members. Your blog can also be a great source of information, news, advice and tips from you to your prospects. An affiliate link can be added anywhere within your blog, as well as a banner image that’s linked to your affiliate site.


You can write informative and how-to articles elsewhere rather than in your own website, in a platform such as medium and place your affiliate link as well as a link to your website, though you’re generally not allowed to write posts primarily aimed at affiliate marketing. It’s effective when unique and well-written because your articles can be exposed to a larger number of target audiences. Extra links can be placed within the article body to another page of yours with similar or additional information.

Email Campaigns 

Email campaigns can be the most powerful and effective way to drive traffic to your affiliate website. Using a service such as Udimi is the best shortcut to find the target audience. By providing highly relevant and valuable information but making the message brief with a link to your site, you’ll bring a lot of visitors within a short period of time.

Alternatively you can provide the full content in the email message and offer a link to invite the recipient straight to the affiliate site. A linked email signature should also be included.

Mix these tips with top-notch traffic tool, such as Babylon Traffic and you will see results in no time!