Make money from your website

Advertising is by far the best way to generate revenue from your website.

As the biggest name in search engines, Google is a great place to start earning money from your website. The AdSense campaign is free to join and places advertisements on your website based on the type of content you provide.

This is known as a pay-per-click or PPC campaign. Although the amount you get paid for each click may only be a few cents, if you have a large amount of traffic coming to your website, these clicks quickly add up to a respectable paycheck.

Affiliate marketing is when you advertise specific products on your website and receive a commission each time they sell. This model works well for informational products such as e-books as well as physical products from major retailers.

When you’re first starting out, there are a variety of sites that allow you to offer affiliate products without directly contacting the company selling the products. As your website grows in popularity and you become more experienced, you may decide to reach out to major retailers directly for affiliate opportunities.

The key to effective affiliate marketing is to make sure any affiliate opportunities you offer on your site are related in some way to the content you are providing your readers.

There are hundreds of other ways to make money from your website. Millions of websites generate revenue every day using the techniques described above as well as a variety of others.

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