Ways to attract traffic to your CPA offer

Twitter is not as hard as Facebook in case of links. So, you can just cover/shorten your CPA affiliate link using bit ly and promote on Twitter. Surprisingly, shorten links get more clicks on Twitter according to several researches. It’s better to start your twitter marketing from hashtag research for the best result. For that, visit hashtag analyzing tool such and type any keyword that’s related to your CPA offer. For example, I typed “amazon” as there are several CPA offers related to amazon gift cards and deals. After pressing the search button you will get recent tweets that include #amazon and other related tags. Select some tags and get ready for your main work.

Besides tweeting you can also move to personal approach just like Facebook. For this, search in twitter by you keyword and see if anyone is asking for help that can end up with your CPA offer/product as the solution. If you think you can provide a solution and make some bucks only then send direct message to him/her by describing the solution.

Some CPA marketers are on fire just because of huge traffic from Youtube. If you are good at video making and editing then forget about all other methods and focus on making high quality videos. I know some CPA marketers who are making $10,000+ every month only via Youtube video marketing.

Lastly, Article marketing is pretty much the same as blog post promotion. Sign up for some good article submission sites and start submitting helpful articles. Write articles that are somehow relevant to your chosen CPA offer. Besides, mix this tips mentioned above with quality tool called Babylon and you can make handsome amount of bucks every month. Now it’s time to set your goal and start working!