Get targeted US traffic to your website with easy solutions

The most obvious way to attract visitors that come from the USA is to cater to their needs, and produce content that originates in the country itself. Although this will usually mean that a few niches will have to struggle with finding the right content to produce, it does also mean that you will have to do a little bit more research on the type of things you write about.

Google AdWords are a great place for making some country specific clicks to your website. Also, this doesn’t go just for AdWords, sites like Reddit, and Facebook are also a great source of US based Pay-Per-Click traffic, and it’s something to consider if you’re all out of options. 

To let Google know that you’re all about that USA traffic, you need to establish a presence on sites that originate in the US and that are home to mostly US content, at least 90% of it. The best way to establish such a presence is to enlist your site on US based link directories, review sites, local classified websites, as well as places that sites like Google and Yahoo! are offering.

Building backlinks doesn’t have to be a costly venture, in fact these days it’s quite easy to build backlinks for free. However if you’re after that US traffic, you need to make sure that the backlinks you’re getting come from sites that are also sharing mostly USA content so as to establish a much more concise presence for your own website. 

When someone is thinking about buying a website, one of the first things they will always look for is the countries where most of the sites traffic is coming from. You can always get high-quality geo-targeted traffic from tool called Babylon.  And the more visitors are coming from countries such as the United States, the higher up the price is going to be.