„Good traffic“ for month old blog

Well, it depends. I would say 500 pageviews a day is fantastic. But, there are bloggers for whom 50,000 monthly pageviews would be mediocre. There are bloggers for whom 500,000 pageviews would be devastating.

The age of a website or blog, niche, popularity and purpose are all things that would determine what is good and what is not-so-good.

But let’s be real here, many times the reason why we want to know if our traffic is “good” is because we are comparing ourselves to others. That’s a quick route to discouragement. Measure your site against your site, not against other sites.

Instead of asking, “Is my site’s traffic good?” first ask, “What is my site’s main goal and am I reaching it?” Why are you asking the traffic question in the first place? Do you want to make money and aren’t sure if you have enough traffic to do so? Do you want to build a strong, intimate community? Do you want to know if a move to a more robust hosting plan is warranted? Do you want more traffic, if so there is an easy solution to that called Babylon Traffic.

Also, another way to ask the better question is, “Is my site converting?”

In other words, are the people who visit your site converting from a simple visitor to someone actually doing the thing you want them to do? Is the main thing you want to accomplish happening?

  • If your goal is to make money, are you making money?
  • If your goal is to get people to sign up to your email newsletter, are they signing up?
  • If your goal is to build community, are your readers interacting?

Your answer will help you define what a good amount of traffic is for you.