Learn the best and cheapest ways to buy targeted traffic

Before I dive in, it’s important that I point out a significant difference. Please notice that I’m saying ‘targeted traffic’ here. You can get ‘cheap traffic’ or ‘junk traffic’ for very little money – but it won’t be targeted, which means it won’t be worthwhile to you or your business. After all, there’s very little value in bringing people to your pages who have no intent on buying from you.

What you want (and what I’m about to show you) is to get high quality, yet inexpensive traffic from people who want to buy.  Here are four ways you can get quality targeted traffic on the cheap.

You can buy sponsored ads on search results. You can use Google’s AdWords, to find yourself listed on thousands of sites with relevant topics across the web.

BuySellAds is sort of like a cross between Outbrain and Facebook. It’s display advertising, like Facebook’s sidebar, but it’s a network, like Outbrain. Instead of limiting your advertising to one single platform, your ads can show up on sites all around the Internet. On the other hand, you’re not accessing the entire network with a single bid.

Possibly one of the best ways to buy traffic is through, of course, good PPC. After all, putting money into a Facebook ads account is literally inserting cash to get traffic. Facebook is also one of the absolute cheapest sources of traffic you can find online. The primary benefit of Facebook ads comes from the targeting. People virtually live on Facebook these days, and that means the platform is free to collect absolutely immense amounts of information. Also, I would like to add one more great source of traffic- Babylon. There you can find thousands or hundreds of thousands of visitors for a very cheap price.