Tips on how to get 1k unique visitors daily on your website

A website without visitors is a ghost town. It could be the best one in the industry, but no one will ever learn about it if there is no traffic. Use these tips to grow your traffic to 1,000+ visitors a day.

Your domain should be short and easy to remember. Don’t use hyphens and numbers. They make a domain hard to remember, and it also looks unprofessional.

Most hosting companies oversell their services, and when you get high traffic your website will perform poorly, and user experience will suffer. Your website can even go offline when there are traffic peaks.

Use reliable hosting provider. Do a good research before you pick your host.

Do you provide real value with your content? I mean your mother and your cat may like it but is it really that good?

Put it on a test. Send targeted traffic to your article, infographic or video. You can use Facebook or Adwords ads. Depending on your industry $5-20 can bring tens to hundreds of visitors to your content.

Look at Google Analytics data and check how long they stay on your content. What is your bounce rate? If it is high something isn’t right.

Use social media to create and manage active social accounts in the biggest social networks if you have the time. Tools like Buffer and  HootSuite will help you to save a ton of time managing multiple accounts at once.

Guest blogging allows you to reach a wider audience, to get traffic, links, and recognition. Guest blogging is time-consuming, and you will need to invest time or money to hire freelance writers, but still it is one of the most effective ways to get traffic.

One of the most powerful ways to get traffic if your content, product or service is really good is through influence marketing. Create a list of influential people in your industry or niche.Drop them a line about a good piece of your content. Mix these tips with powerful tool called Babylon Traffic and you will see results very soon!