Tips on how to get USA traffic to Indian blog

Traffic/visitors from US, Canada and UK pay more in terms of adsense revenue and affiliate sales share and it is very crucial for a blogger to get traffic from these regions. The reason behind is that Americans, English and Canadians spend a lot of money in online advertising and publishers like bloggers and webmasters to get the share of their expenditure. Another reason is the high conversion rate of visitor to customer, for US websites. This is mainly because people are used to internet businesses and transactions more than the people in Asia or other countries

Host your website in US/Canada/UK

If you need traffic from these countries, it is better to have server location in any of these countries. Using web host with server situated in USA will get you more traffic from USA due to geo-location of the server. Google thinks that the server is mostly intended to serve web pages in the USA, which makes sense.

Get a .com / .us / .uk / .ca domain name respectively

Domain names targeted to a specific country means that the website is targeted at people of that country. It simply translates to traffic from that country. Using extensions like, and .uk are for UK customers; .us for US customers and .ca for Canadian visitors.

Write FOR US, CA and UK

Another way to get US traffic is writing for USA. The logic behind is simple, as people read material intended for their use and traffic flows in.

Use Stumble upon and linked in

I previously thought that Facebook is the most influential social network, anywhere in the world. But it turned out to be Stumble upon and Linked in, for US and UK internet users. It has got millions of users and also has a very huge growth rate. You should be regular on Stumble Upon.

Also, use Babylon Traffic to attract USA geo-targeted traffic. It’s a very effective tool which can help webmasters to accumulate traffic from certain regions. Just select geographic location from which you want a traffic to come from and you will see an increase in your metrics in no time!