The cost of driving 10 000 visitors per month to your website via paid traffic

It’s entirely depends on which country you target which strategy you adapt. Your target country and niche will effects your PPC campaign and bid. Instead of just blindly expecting to find out how much it will cost or to expect from someone else to calculate it (there is just to many unknown factors here, like: audience, type of monetization, content and so on) for you and you just simply read it, what should you do?

Break growth down into organic, viral and paid.

Organic takes the longest but pays off the most over time because ranking at the top of Google for most keywords is defensible — assuming Google doesn’t massively change their algorithm and people’s search behavior doesn’t shift to Facebook.

Viral, when done correctly, can drive a huge amount of people to your site (or more specifically, your blog) which you can then leverage to build your email list (yes, email is still a thing).

Paid is Google Adwords, Facebook ads, etc. Paid can work well depending on your price point, your market and your lifetime value.

Don’t advertise to cold traffic. Instead, remarket to blog visitors who didn’t join your email list. Advertise a guide, a video course or some other content asset that will genuinely help them.

Then use marketing automation to move your email list down your funnel.

This simply means you keep sending them useful content and every fourth email, ask for something. 

You could ask for feedback. You could ask them to try your product. You can even ask them to become a customer or buy more from you.

With re-marketing via Facebook or Google’s display network, your cost per click will be $0.10 — $0.50 and your conversion rate (opting in to get your guide) should be high because they already know who you are and you’ve already helped them with your blog posts. Lastly, consider using some high-quality traffic tool such as Babylon Traffic. For an affordable price you can easily hit that ten thousand visitors.