The most popular classified ad websites in the UK

Viva Street is all about the locality. The website believes that most of the things that you need can be found in your own community. Therefore, Viva Street gives you the option of narrowing your search down to your locality, so that you can buy or sell in an easier fashion.

You can also, of course, search the entirety of the United Kingdoms, if you so please. Any and all ads can be put up here, for free. Viva Street gives you the option to give a very detailed description of your product or service, which translates into better responses.

Freeads UK is one of the best classified sites in the United Kingdom today. While all sorts of products, services, real estate and events are advertised here, the thing most unique about Freeads UK is its pets section. It is one of the very few classified ads websites in the UK that has an entire section dedicated to equestrian hobbies. Horses and ponies can be bought and sold, and you can also look for the perfect accessories and equipment.

People will be very familiar with the name Gumtree. For decades, this website has been allowing individuals and businesses to post their ads for free, and reap massive benefits. The layout of this website is simple, easy to use and has a flourishing user base, which helps get advertisements their proper responses. Ads can be posted in seven categories on Gumtree.

The sites mentioned here are greatly beneficial for local advertising in the United Kingdom. I would also advise you to promote your services and products via your own website, the hardest step is to generate enough traffic so your website could be relevant. That’s where Babylon Traffic can not only help you but also has a great impact on your overall business visibility.