The best places to buy click traffic for your websites

 I’ve tried and tested many many paid advertising networks over the years, and most of them were indeed crap, and I only lost my money in trying them out, but there are some traffic sources that I found to have good traffic with low CPC (cost per click) that worked for me and I was able to get sales and leads from them.

Similar to Google and Adwords, Bing also has its own advertising platform for their search engine listings. They work the same, but Bing Ads are in general much cheaper. They don’t have the same volume as Google, so they can’t send you thousands a click a day for every industry, but they still have some good numbers especially if you choose to run your ads on their search partners too like Yahoo and AOL.

RevContent is a native content recommendation network, where your ads can be placed on some of the top websites in the world such as, PCWorld, NewsWeek, Metro, Inquisitr, etc.

The traffic you can buy on RevContent can be cheap $0.01 per click or can be a bit on the expensive side: $0.10 – $0.30 CPC. It all depends on what your targeting is, such as GEO, placements, category, device etc.

Youtube is the 3rd biggest website in the world and the 2nd search engine. It gets a ton of traffic every day, and yet there aren’t that many advertisers on it. The CPC can be as low as $0.02 for US traffic and maybe even lower in other countries.

Beside mentioned platforms I would also recommend quality traffic tool called Babylon. All of these are very good and cheap website traffic platforms that you can use to promote your websites, blogs, affiliate offers, gather email signups etc. Sure some of them are a bit harder to master for example Youtube, but they are still worth a try, as the quality of traffic you can get from them is amazing.