Alexa ranking and traffic of your website

You shouldn’t take Alexa ranking too seriously, because it is not a reliable source of information and that is the fact. On the other hand,  the amount of traffic you get is the key indicator that helps set a value to the worth of your website, and by extension to your business. Don’t get me wrong, Alexa is the world’s foremost authority on traffic ranking for websites, so it is important to have a good Alexa ranking but all I am saying is that you shouldn’t take their data for granted. There are some quick-fix tips and services you can use to temporarily increase your Alexa traffic, like quality tool named Babylon Traffic. This tool will bring down the ranking immediately to something that looks way better than the previous number. The only permanent solution is to increase your website traffic over the long term, which will automatically push your Alexa ranking down.

If you are starting or growing a business, you need website traffic to generate leads and online sales. It’s a huge pie, with U.S. e-Commerce sales now adding up to $92.8 billion, and growing annually at about 19.27 percent.

The good news is that traffic acquisition is by now pretty much an established science, so you simply have to follow the tips below on how to increase website traffic.

On-site SEO – SEO is a much maligned word these days, but it’s really very simple in theory. You want to create a website that is functional, easy to use, and provides visitors with the information they come looking for.

Off-site SEO – While you are optimizing your website pages, you also need to start with the offsite part of search engine optimization. The content creation strategy has to be coordinated with social media outreach and promotion, partnerships with other websites, and so on.

Doing all this over a period of 6-8 months will slowly and surely bring your Alexa ranking down below  1 million and then even more slowly to below 500,000.