A simple way to get unlimited traffic to your blog

The key is not to seek out one perfect method. It’s more about refining what you are already doing.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you use a good blogging platform such as WordPress. This will help you to get started quickly and to work more efficiently.

In addition, you have more control over the SEO of your blog when you are using a self-hosted WordPress blog.

SEO, choosing the right keywords for your blog and creating backlinks to your blog are undoubtedly important factors in getting free traffic.

This is an effective strategy because blog readers love information, and they will be reading widely on their subjects of interest. You can find plenty of potential visitors on other relevant blogs, forums, social media websites, so it is essential that you stay in touch with what’s out there, and create as many links back to your blog as you possibly can.

A longer term strategy is to for syndicates, and relevant posts as a guest blogger for some of the best blogging sites.

This is a good way to get links back to your own blog and get your name recognized as an expert in your field. It is also useful for building your unique brand as a blogger.

Blog commenting is another great free tool for your kit. Commenting not only helps with branding and traffic, but it also helps by generating backlinks. It also requires little time, and with a proper strategy, you can use it toward improved personal connections and networking.

Also, try starting a debate about an important issue or something topical that readers might be interested in.

This draws them in by inviting them to comment and voice their opinions. A great way to conduct a debate is via a podcast on your blog. This is like having your own radio show. One final trick which can drive free traffic is to use a high-quality traffic tool called Babylon Traffic. For me, it is by far the best way to ensure you get more visitors to your blog.