The free advertising portals where you can advertise your online store

Below are places that offer a free way to market your business and provide a link back to your website or online store.

Ecommerce and Coupons– If you regularly offer discounts or run promotions, you can share them on coupon and deal sites. You can manually submit coupon codes or deals on these two websites for free: Retail Me Not and Deal Taker.

Claim your location– The Internet is a big place. Take advantage of location-based listings to make it feel a little smaller. If you have a physical shop or office, you can claim that location on multiple services. Claiming your location gives you the ability to respond to customer reviews. Go to Google My Business, Yahoo Local, BBB and Merchant Circle.

Content marketing– You can re-purpose existing content or create fresh content to share on one of these platforms listed below. Consider hiring a professional writer to create content (if you don’t already). Medium, YouTube and LinkedIn are great places for this kind of marketing.

Social media– You can use social media to share links to new or existing website content. Social media can also be used to announce new products and services. If you’re trying to reach a large, general audience Facebook may be your best bet. If your content is image focused, try Instagram.

Email Marketing– Building an email list requires time and patience. Add a subscription form to your website to give visitors the opportunity to subscribe from any page. Use a tablet device at events to give booth visitors the opportunity to sign up. Consider creating a list segment for each event you attend. You can even offer incentives to new subscribers.

In the end, of course you should consider the option of creating your own website. Hardest part here is getting enough attention for your site to really matter and that part is easily solvable with top-notch traffic tool such as Babylon Traffic.