Completely Free ways to promote your website

Even though these methods bring traffic without any cost, you still have to put effort into them. Aside from that, you are not required to choose only one method listed below – you can, and should, combine them.

Choose what you think will suit your site best. So here is the list of best ways to promote a website for free:

Email Marketing

Do you want to promote a website and engage better with your target audience? Well, you can do it with email marketing.

What can you achieve by sending emails to your audience?

The emails that you send must be tailored to their respective tastes. If they subscribed to you because they want to be smarter, then educate them. Or if they subscribed to you due to promotional offers, then send them your discount updates.


It is widely known that Facebook is a great way to promote a website, due to its versatile features which allow members to promote easily.

One of the often-used features is Facebook Pages. You could set up a profile for your site, then start producing content and provide your audience updates to help them find you. That way, you can also interact with them.


If you decide to start a blog on your website, you’ll be able to drive more traffic by creating interesting content. Providing an audience something they can enjoy on your website will make them more likely to come back, and if you’re lucky – they will recommend your blog to others!

That’s why you have to create high-quality content that is likable and relevant to your target audience. You can achieve that by making sure that it is either entertaining, educational, or inspiring.

No matter what kind of site you have, promoting it will bring you a great benefit. I personally use these three methods in combination with a quality traffic tool called Babylon Traffic, and the results, so far, are great!