Practical tips on how to increase views for your blog

Practical tips on how to increase  views for your blog

 It’s something that every blogger would want to have in order to survive online. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as building a blog. Gaining targeted visitors is art. And here are some ultimate tips that can be useful for any form of blog or website.

You love fresh content, don’t you? It’s the same as what your visitors want. Give them a reason to come back! Update your site regularly with new, unique and useful content that will interest them. Don’t forget to make your content interesting by: Adding visual aids for presentations such as videos, infographics or photos related to your article. And using whitespace. Most people don’t read; they scan. They want instant access to the information they are looking for. So make your posts easy-to-read by using short paragraphs and lists.

One of the best ways to boost your traffic is to attract search engines thus you need to ensure that each content is optimized for search engines. Here’s how:

  • Title & Meta Description. Your meta title and description should be short, unique and relevant. Don’t forget to include at least 1-2 valuable keywords. Your title’s length should be within 60 characters while you should aim for 150-160 characters for your meta description.
  • Google Authorship. Improve your visibility in search results with Google Authorship. Having a professional image next to your post will not only improve your credibility in SERPs but also get a higher click-through rate than those without.
  • Internal Linking: Add related links to other pages within your post. This helps spread your link juice across your domain.

Social sharing is one of the most effective strategies that you can apply in driving targeted traffic to your WordPress blog. It’s a great way to keep your followers updated about your latest posts. Additionally, if you truly want to increase your referral traffic then I would warmly suggest Babylon Traffic- the best tool for that particular job.