Boost your USA traffic for YouTube monetization with this simple guide

First, you need to apply and get approved for a Google Adsense account. If you’re familiar with Adwords, it is very similar. Adsense is the dashboard where you can monitor and control ads shown on your website or, in this case, your YouTube videos. You can choose the type of advertisements to allow on your channel and see the revenue generated by these ads.

The YouTube Partner Program has a simple application process. If your channel is in good standing with the Community Guidelines and has at least 10,000 views, you should be approved within a matter of days.

Once you’ve applied and are approved. You can easily go about monetizing your videos one by one. Be sure to think about the content of each video carefully and ensure that the content follows all guidelines including proper copyright procedures.

Once you’ve successfully applied and have been approved for both a Google Adsense account and you’ve monetized your channel, you can then choose which videos you would like to monetize. These videos will only run the type of ads you specify. These include:

  1. Display Ads (desktop only)
  2. Overlay Ads (desktop only)
  3. Sponsored Cards (all devices)
  4. Skippable Video Ads (all devices)

Now that you understand the YouTube Partner Program and monetizing your videos, you can now choose the relevant content you would like to show ads on. Now, you need to focus on your USA audience. By using sophisticated software, such as Babylon Traffic, you can easily attract geo-targeted traffic (USA traffic) that you need.  You can continue to use the external linking features as well as increase your odds of being suggested and ranking within search results.