Top classified sites in South Africa

Online advertising in South Africa has evolved over the years. There are several avenues including free advertising sites in South Africa that you can use to push a brand without breaking the bank. But, the secret to getting the best results is understanding web analytics; and in the case of free advertising sites in South Africa for businesses, on-site and off-site data matter. On-site data include the number of visitors, average time spent by each user, visits per page, bounce rate, events, number of pages visited, and conversations. On the other hand, off-site metrics mainly look at possible opportunities and audiences.

According to Alexa, Gumtree is the 13th website in SA by traffic. Gumtree provides free online classifieds that include live listings. Statistics show that 39.80% of the people who visit the site come from search, i.e, 39.8% of the traffic is from search. Furthermore, over the last three months, a user spends about 8:35 minutes and view 7.86 pages per visit on the website. Gumtree’s bounce rate (single site sessions) is 28.80%. Gumtree’s homepage is user-friendly and allows you to post free classified ads in South Africa easily.

OLX is one of the best among the free advertising for small business in South Africa, and it is the 89th website by traffic in the country.

Locanto is a popular free online advertising South Africa platform that generates up to 8:43 pageviews per user each day.

Ads Africa is among the top free advertising sites in South Africa whose traffic, mainly (45.50%), comes from searches. The website is the 527th in SA with daily pageviews of 13.00. A user spends about 12:10 minutes daily on the site, and the bounce rate is 13.90%.

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