Examples on how to drive targeted traffic to your website

Social media is the best source to drive traffic to a new website or an already well-established website.

You can share your content on Facebook and Twitter with the targeted people and drive easy traffic to your blog.

But how do you find the targeted visitors for your website?

Well, you can search for groups related to your niche on Facebook. Join the groups, involve in the discussions and help other people with their queries. You can also share your article’s link wherever relevant in your comments or even as posts.

Also, you can find and follow the bloggers on your niche and involve in the discussions on Twitter.

Make sure your blog has easy to share interface. Use social sharing tools so that people can share your content with their friends and followers easily.

Linkedin is a social network of professionals and skilled workers which is used for hiring people and finding jobs. Now it can be used for much more than finding jobs.

Medium is another great way to drive free traffic to your blog. You can repost your evergreen content from your blog to Medium and get free traffic to your blog.

To generate traffic to your blog from Linkedin, you must properly set up your profile and build your connections. Make sure to add like-minded people to your LinkedIn profile.

You can organize giveaways and contests in your blog to gain free social shares & followers and also email subscribers which eventually drive free traffic to your blog/website.

Organize giveaway of products or services related to your niche to your visitors.

You must optimize your blog and content for SEO so that you can drive free organic traffic from search engines.

If you use SEO tactics properly with adequate tools like Babylon Traffic you can get your site rank higher in search engines and drive tons of free traffic while you sleep.

I hope this list of free traffic sources to drive targeted traffic to a new blog will help newbies to get some traffic to their site.