The easiest ways to check your own website traffic

Google Analytics is a free service that lets Web designers track visitors on their websites by inserting a code snippet into their pages. While Google Analytics — like AWStats — can give you an overview of your site’s popularity, it also provides you access to a series of features as detailed visitor demographics data or social media signals, such as tweets mentioning your site or likes on Facebook.

To track visitors, Google Analytics relies on a code snippet that you must manually add to all of your Web pages. You can get the code snippet by logging in to Google Analytics using a standard Google account and adding a new property.

If you want to track a WordPress blog’s visitors, install and activate a plugin such as Google Analytics by Yoast or Google Analytics Dashboard for WP  to set up Google Analytics without having to manually edit the blog’s templates.

After inserting the code snippet, access your Google Analytics statistics by visiting your Google Analytics dashboard and clicking Reporting.

Alexa is a web information company that gives you detailed statistics for your website. You can track visits, popularity rankings, demographics reached, web speed, and more. Alexa is not free, but the services it provides allow for fast, detailed statistics and ease of use. There are a number of different plans, depending on your budget and your business’s needs.

Alexa can be used to track your own website or your competitors’ websites.

Alexa can also give you recommendations based on your webpage’s traffic history and statistics. These recommendations can help you improve your page’s outreach and drive more traffic to your site.

Knowing how many people visit your site on a daily basis helps you evaluate your content and allows you to estimate how much revenue your site can potentially generate through ads or sales. While you can use a tool in your cPanel management interface to get a quick overview of your site’s popularity, setting up Google Analytics gives you access to much more detailed data about your site’s visitors. If you find out that you don’t get enough traffic, which is in most cases, than I would suggest you to try Babylon Traffic, the quality tool that will improve and increase your online traffic. 

Find out how many monthly visitors your competitors get

As with virtually everything else web owners do, measuring and analyzing website traffic can be made easier with the right software.

Here is a list of the top five analytics tools you can use for this

SEMRush is among the top marketing analytics platforms that I’d gladly recommend to anyone. You can use it to track a website’s search engine rankings, backlinks, and display advertising campaigns. But since you’re reading this post, you’re probably wondering about SEMrush’s traffic analytics features. The tool you’re looking for is found under the Marketing Insights sub-menu — aptly called Traffic Analytics. If there’s something SEMrush can do, there’s a good chance that Ahrefs can do it as well. They are, after all, my top two backlink checker tools for bloggers and digital marketers alike. Yes — it can also help you find out how much traffic a website gets.

On the Ahrefs Site Explorer tool, enter the domain address or the URL of a specific page you want to check and click the ‘Search’ button.

SimilarWeb– Thankfully, you don’t have to purchase the tool to take advantage of its site traffic checker. Not only do they offer a free demo mode, but you can also use their free web interface without having to create an account. On the SimilarWeb homepage, all you have to do is paste the website or app link and press ‘Enter.’

Alexa– a subsidiary of the e-commerce giant Amazon — is a web traffic analysis service designed to help website owners turn traffic data into foolproof marketing decisions.

Upon registration, Alexa personalizes the experience based on your needs. This is done by utilizing information such as your individual website goals, content topics, competitors, and so on. Alexa instantly compiles traffic statistics for your website on the dashboard page. Some of the included data are your website’s “Global Rank,” monthly unique visitors, daily time on site, and the percentage of traffic that you get organically.

Knowing the traffic of your competitions is a vital strategy that every website owner should learn if they care about their own website’s growth. By knowing how much they have and what tools to utilize at your disposal, such as Babylon Traffic, you can accomplish your online business success.

Learn how to get 5000 visitors on your website per day

The number 1 thing you should focus on to get traffic is, great content. Why? Because that’s what attracts people to your website. Great content gets linked to a lot, on both social media and blogs, but only if people can find it in the first place.

Links help you rank high in Google. But none of this matters if you don’t target your blog post for something people are actually searching for in Google.

That’s where keyword research comes in. Keyword research is all about finding keywords that get the most searches in Google.

Optimize readability and proof read your blog posts. Think about it this way, if you go to one of our blog posts and it’s just 2000 words, no paragraphs, no headlines, no images, are you going to invest your time reading it? It’s unlikely you would.

Now that you have found a good keyword and written a blog post, you need to optimize your post for that keyword. A big part of how Google decides on where your blog post will rank in it’s search engine is based on how much it likes your website.

Google wants to link to websites that are up to date, user friendly, trustworthy and popular.

Here is a list of ways to achieve this: have a contact page with address and phone number, get HTTPS in your website URL, add a sitemap to your website, always fix broken links, improve your page speed.

You can Tweet/Facebook your article and a whole load of people will visit it. If the article is amazing, people will share it.

Traffic is a marathon, not a sprint. That’s why people fail so often. They are not doing everything right (implement these tips with a Babylon Traffic- quality tool and you will see a results) and that’s why it’s unrealistic to expect to have a ton of traffic and income right away.

Alexa rank- check the popularity of any website

Alexa Inc. is a subsidiary of Amazon; a corporation based in California, US. Alexa solely concentrates on commercial website traffic data. It offers internet users with a toolbar as mid-1997, thus the user has fast access to website tools in his web browser.

Alexa rankings checker is the fastest and easiest approach to instantaneously collect Alexa Global Rank, Alexa website traffic, Alexa ratings and as well as the Status of manifold websites. That way you become acquainted with where you and your rivals stand in the business.

Alexa Rank Checker tool is a highly beneficial tool if you need to analyze your site as once you get outcomes, you can now move towards creating strategies on how to increase your website Alexa ranks and boost traffic. And with Babylon Traffic you can do that. This cutting-edge online tool will assist in detecting and fixing problems pertinent to traffic.

Website owners can also make use of Alexa page rank checker in creating customized deliverable reports for their ultimate clients.

The consistency of Alexa traffic rank typically depends upon the number of individuals of the toolbar. Though, the origin of the toolbar and the exact number of users are not revealed to the general public. Though still, it is expected to develop ruling on the importance of Alexa website Ranking/Alexa ratings are solely based upon identified website visits (Alexa traffic) along with its Rankings. Consequently, there have been some initiatives in which a connection has been created between the number of website visitors as well as the ranking.

Alexa web ranking solely relies on the information that they usually get through Alexa Rank Toolbar. The project calculates Ratings via web traffic and the backlink profiles and concludes the Alexa ranks. This free toolbar is accessible for all users of Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer plus through the Alexa internet website. In order to be capable of getting these statistics, users should install the free Alexa toolbar on their web browser.

How to check any specific website hits or views

Alexa tracks website visitor traffic rankings for many websites on the Internet. Their data is not completely accurate, because it involves flawed methodology. Alexa ranks websites based on how much traffic they get from users who have chosen to install the Alexa toolbar. Alexa toolbar users are a small minority of website users, which makes the data somewhat skewed.

Similarweb makes multiple services available. They offer both a free version and a pro version. Their pro service allows you to monitor competitors’ website traffic statistics. You can also get data about apps using the similarweb site.

Quantcast offers you multiple opportunities to discover a website’s traffic measures. If you are interested in finding out metrics for your own website, you can subscribe to their services to receive detailed insights.

Quantcast also offers website owners the choice to make selected analytics data publicly available. 

If you want to know accurate, up-to-date traffic statistics for a website, you’ll need to get in touch with the owner and ask them directly.

But most bloggers aren’t going to give out that information to a complete stranger, right?

You’d be surprised. Many bloggers are perfectly willing to share this data with those with a genuine reason for asking, such as:

  1. You’re interested in buying their website.
  2. You want to advertise on their site;

Like I said, most bloggers will be happy to share up-to-date traffic numbers with genuine advertisers. Many will even screenshot Google Analytics data as proof.

Estimated traffic stats are a good starting point, but you can tell a lot about the popularity of a website by manually checking a few things, such as:

  • of comments on their posts (on average);
  • of YouTube video views;
  • of social shares;
  • Engagement levels on their fan pages (i.e., Facebook page, Twitter, etc.)

In my experience so far, these resources have been the most helpful for determining the traffic to a website. You could use a combination of these resources to discover interesting insights about web traffic data and metrics for many different websites or blogs on the Internet. If you want to keep up with your competitions when it comes to traffic the easiest way to do so is to use features of sophisticated software made by Babylon Traffic.

Easy solutions for 10K visitors daily on your website

So all you need to do is write a good article, then find a relevant website that’ll publish it… And trust me, every website owner out there is ALWAYS willing to publish quality content on their site. In other words, any relevant website would work. But it takes a little bit of time to establish a relationship with bloggers who aren’t looking for guest posts right away… As a general rule of thumb, just make sure you look at other articles and see how much engagement they get. Also, make sure that they allow backlinks to your website.

Posting on Medium- As I’m sure you’ve noticed before, most people (who aren’t writing “member’s only” stories) will always have some sort of call-to-action at the end of their article… And that’s how they drive traffic back to their website.

You can also take this one step further, and post blogs on publications — which is really a form of guest blogging. But the major difference between the two is noise/competition. In other words, on Medium, you have thousands of other articles to compete with every day, so you REALLY have to stand out…

But if you find the right sites to guest blog on, you can easily get your article in front of a lot of people without having to worry about the competition (as a lot of times, you might be the only article posted that day).

If you put valuable content in front of an existing audience, follow the methods I just gave you and give a try to Babylon Traffic- SEO traffic tool then I absolutely guarantee you’ll start getting 10K visitors (if not more) every month. So if you’ve ever struggled to get traffic on your website, then please give these methods a try and I guarantee you’ll enjoy the results.

Tools to measure your competitor’s online traffic

Traffic analysis is important for business professionals, website owners, administrators, marketers, and SEO specialists. Fortunately, traffic estimator and analysis service doesn’t have to cost a fortune, especially for new bloggers. You can try out any of the bellow services, to prove their worth and usefulness. If your business depends heavily on online traffic, you should be serious about internal analysis, benchmarking and competitor intelligence. Once you are comfortable with a service, you can always migrate to a paid version to get much more information and benefits. By comparing your website with the competitors and the industry in general, you can keep abreast of your online performance.

Remember all the above-explained tools try to offer estimated traffic data of a site. So this is not an actual number of visitors to that site. Among all, Google Analytics is the best but applicable for site owners. So if you really need to know the traffic data of a website then ask the site owners to share the data from their Google Analytics account.

The free Alexa tool does not show the estimated number of visitors. But it shows the global rank and country rank in which the site is popular. This will give you an overview of traffic compared to any other website.

Go to the SimilarWeb website, enter any site URL in the search box and hit enter. You will see a detailed traffic analysis for the previous month. This includes ranking, sources, total visits, traffic by countries and more. Go to the traffic overview section which will show you the approximate number of visitors for the past six months.

SEMRush gives you a lot of information on websites search engine rankings, how much traffic they get for those rankings, competitors, paid advertising, backlinks and so much more.

Unless the owner of the website reveals exactly how much traffic they’re getting, every other figure is the best guess. Most tools are surprisingly inaccurate when it comes to generating stats. They are good, however, for comparing yourself against others. Once you have learned about the number of visitors, I would recommend you on checking out how to increase that number drastically with Babylon Traffic.



Make your website viral

One of the best ways to get your business seen by the right people online is to create viral content, which is content that’s highly shareable. However, this is easier said than done. Here are some tips that will help increase the chances of your content going viral.

Social media has completely transformed the way internet users digest content. In the early days of the internet, people were more interested in reading a range of content. Nowadays, people like things short and sweet. Twitter, one of the largest social media platforms, was so successful because it was the first service to limit users to 140 characters.

To take advantage of this shorter attention span, use plenty of visual elements in your marketing campaign. Videos, images, and infographics can provide a lot of information without making people read too much.

Viral content is largely a product of knowing your audience. If your demographic is mostly males between the ages of 18-25, you won’t have much success with a marketing campaign that’s centered around the ‘80s. Similarly, you won’t have much success in making a sports joke if your audience doesn’t care about sports.

As previously mentioned, the average internet user isn’t interested in reading 1,000 words. They want something short and snappy that gives them some kind of entertainment value with valuable information.

Keep your content simple and stick to a maximum of a few messages for your marketing campaign. This also helps make your campaign more identifiable by its message.

At the end of the day, creating viral content isn’t an easy task. Thousands of companies all over the world spend good money to go viral, and it doesn’t work for many of them. Once you’ve carefully planned and launched your viral marketing campaign, the best thing you can do is to try Babylon Traffic- a handy tool to push your traffic to new highs.

Baby steps to ensure that people sign in on your website

Right off the bat, explain why a visitor should register with your site. Just as with landing pages, the fewer form fields you can get away with in your registration process, the less likely you’ll suffer mid-form abandonment. Consider what information you absolutely must gather. And if you’re asking for information that isn’t required to help with your lead nurturing, make sure those fields are clearly marked as optional so users know they don’t need to divulge that information.

For many eCommerce sites, the registration process is combined with the checkout process, which means a bigger time investment and more opportunities for users to get frustrated. Break up the process into clearly labeled steps.

 Security is important, but when a new registrant is selecting a password for your site, they probably have a few variations from which they’re used to draw. Sure, a mix of characters and caps is a good idea, but keep your expectations reasonable. If your password requirements are too narrow — it must be less than 7 characters, use at least one number, one punctuation mark, one instance of caps, and none of the following terms — the options become quite narrow. Take a cue from Google and create strong requirements, and indicate their progress with a “password strength” visual.

Whether due to fumbling fingers or misinterpretation of what a field required, users will make mistakes when filling out registration forms on your site. If a field isn’t completed correctly, don’t just tell them they made a mistake. Show them in which field the error occurred, and explain the correct way to fill out the field. Do it in bright colors so it stands out and they don’t have to re-read every form field they entered, scanning for mistakes.

Basically, the more traffic you get higher is the chance of people singing in. There is no better tool in the online market then Babylon when it comes to boosting your traffic. Any of these methods can turbocharge your sign-ups in a short time — so try them out. Just remember they are not overnight miracles, so you’ll have to keep up with them and continue going forward with what works.

How to earn ad revenue with AdSense

Perhaps this is the hardest step of them all, after creating a high-quality website, you will need traffic in order to make any money from AdSense.

Without traffic (website visitors) to your website, no one will click on ads, and if no one clicks on ads you don’t make money, simple as that.

There are many ways to get traffic to a website, you can get it for free and you can even pay for it (yes, it’s not illegal to pay for traffic if you have adsense on a site).

The majority of people who are creating AdSense websites are focusing on free traffic methods such as SEO (Search engine optimization) and Social Media.

I would say maybe 95% of the AdSense site owners are getting free traffic, the other 5% might choose to pay for it… (These are not exact figures, but that’s just my approximation).

Most people prefer doing SEO, and ranking articles in Google and other search engines, and then receive free traffic to their websites and earn from AdSense that way.

Others are focusing on social media traffic such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter,which is also free… and a few of us are even paying for traffic (me included).

All traffic methods are good and they all work. It just depends on how you prefer to do things.

If you’re a newbie though and you don’t have funds to invest and you also don’t want to risk your AdSense account, you should focus on SEO, social media and other free traffic methods. 

Paying for traffic for a website that has AdSense ads on it, while it’s not against Google’s rules, it’s a bit more tricky and difficult because you risk to lose money when buying the traffic and also potentially lose your AdSense account if you’re buying junk traffic. That’s why you need to buy traffic from verified source such as Babylon Traffic.