Viewbotting is an interesting term that is used to describe a type of fraudulent activity found on many streaming websites. Although it’s not linked to any streaming website, in particular, you’ll most commonly find this term used when talking about

Launched in 2009, is currently the biggest online streaming platform in the world. At any given time during the day, there are hundreds of thousands of streamers playing video games while competing for subscribers and viewers. Some streamers have become so popular that they regularly draw in hundreds of thousands of viewers and make money in the same range. From playing the latest popular games to goofing around outside, everyone has their own niche and target audience they’re trying to attract.

By default, Twitch arranges streams into their own game category. For example, any stream playing Fortnite will be placed in the Fornite gaming category and any stream playing League of Legends will be placed in the League of Legends category like below.

Within these gaming categories, streams are sorted by the most concurrent viewers to the least concurrent viewers. This means if you happen to have the most concurrent viewers at a given time, then you’ll be the first stream at the top of the page. To achieve such a feat, you’ll need an army of loyal subscribers and followers that enjoy watching you game.

But what about if you don’t have any fans or viewers? This is where viewbotting comes in, and why it was invented.

Viewbotting allows streamers to “rent” viewers for their stream, which in turn can be used to help push them up the virtual leaderboard. When many streamers first start out, it can be very hard to attract the attention of viewers and gain followers. Just imagine being at the bottom of the page with 5,000 other streams in front of you. Getting to the top can seem like an impossible challenge. Nevertheless, with a quality tool like Babylon Traffic, you can easily rent 100, 200 or in some cases up to 1,000 viewers to watch your stream. These viewers push your stream up on the leaderboard and significantly increase the chances of real viewers stumbling across your stream.