Traffic generator that you should use

You always need to be aware of the difference between high-quality traffic, traffic exchange network traffic and bot traffic.

High-quality traffic is the best kind of traffic, consisting of real people who are interested in your product and are visiting your site to learn more. These are the leads you want to nurture. They’re also hard to acquire.

Traffic exchange users are comparatively low quality, but they’re still real humans. You’re getting real people to view your site, you’re just not bringing them in organically the way Google intends. You can make money from these users, but your conversion rate will be typically lower than what you might see from organic traffic. Of course, it’s also much cheaper and faster to find this traffic than it is to invest in SEO and content marketing.

Bot traffic, finally, isn’t very useful at all unless you’re selling advertising that earns you money based on page views, not by referrals or commissions. You can use fake traffic for testing or for abusing such programs, but you won’t sell products to robots. Always be aware of the kind of traffic you’re bringing in.

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