Traffic exchange sites and better alternative

Traffic exchanges are a recent invention (about 10 – 15 years ago) which allows people that need web traffic (webmasters – website owners) to come together in one place called traffic exchange network and exchange links to their websites. Everyone has a common goal (increasing traffic to their websites) and the traffic exchanges provide a great place for them to do this in a safe and convenient way.

Hitleap is a leading, most popular and probably with the biggest members Autosurf exchanges. The website design is very simple, clean and easy to navigate. I believe that any new members can easily know how to use HitLeap’s features right away.  It’s a traffic exchange service that delivers free traffic to your website.

BIGHITS4U is one of the most popular traffic exchange website on the web. It is the best way of gaining lots of traffic to your website in order to boost your website. It is almost the same as HitLeap – just one big FREE FEATURE – Visit Duration for Free plan is up to 100 seconds, Premium plan and a Business plan is up to 300 seconds.

Rank Boost Up– It is leading traffic exchange sites on the Internet with an advanced set of features of any service. Rank Boost up have custom timer from 10 sec up to 60 sec and is integrated with an Alexa toolbar. It is advanced platform that integrates mobile traffic which helps you to rank better in search engines for mobile devices.

eBesucher– You can visit websites of our partners through the surf bar the click campaigns and the mail exchange. For each visit of a website, you will get advertising points, BTP (visitor points, in the surf bar and for clicks) or MTP (mail points, for the mail exchange). Once you have reached the threshold of 2 Euro, you can request a payout through bank transfer or PayPal.

However, all traffic exchange sites lack high-quality traffic that is truly relevant for your website to rank higher in Google’s pages. That’s why I would advise anyone to try Babylon Traffic, a top-notch tool that is way better than any exchange site. Babylon helps you get that one key factor that will increase your business visibility- relevant and quality traffic.