How to get from 100 visitors to 1000 visitors for a new blog

In reality, getting a large number of visitors is one of the most common goals of many online businesses for their websites. Sadly, not everyone has the time and marketing budget to get thousands of visitors per day for their blogs and websites.

Configure website technicalities

Optimizing speed on a website is one of my favorites, and I usually do this with the help of a content delivery network (CDN). Optimizing website speed has been proved to increase the website traffic of other websites that I handled and tested.

Meta tags are snippets of code on a web page that provides structured metadata about a web page. Use two plug-ins such as All in One SEO Pack or WordPress Yoast.

Site architecture is how a website is laid out and how the pages are interconnected with one another. According to him, site architecture has three criteria: technical, aesthetic, and functionality.

I love beautiful designs, and I know that you love it, too. Choose and buy WordPress themes and then customize it.

Look for top-ranking articles for ideas

You need to follow these two steps so that the top-ranking articles on SERP can give you ideas for your content creation process:

  • Simplify the keyword research process
  • Generate topic ideas from SERP

Produce better content

You need to produce content based on the research you have made from Step 2. Your content should outperform—both on quality and on quantity—the contents that you’ve found.

There are different factors in measuring quantity and quality, but I’ll mention a few things that I consider important:

  • Quantity – Total number of the list created and article length
  • Quality – Flesch Reading Ease score, readability, grammatical error–free sentences, internal links, and external links

Get Social

Since your website is new, you need to utilize the top-ranking social media website. To determine this social media website, go to Alexa and browsed the top sites for your country. Based on that You have to choose the most popular one as the platform for sharing and building your audience.

The preceding steps are the things you need to do to generate thousands (and increasing) of visitors. To make your life easier and to use the full potential of these tips, mash-up them with high-quality traffic tool- Babylon.