Hitleap traffic has bad consequences for your SEO

I used it twice or thrice and my blog got thousands of visits in just a week but then I just left it because of the reviews which were against these type of sites. Today, it just struck my mind and I thought that I should warn the bloggers, especially new bloggers that these websites are not of much use and why you shouldn’t use them.

The visits are not real. It is often that users use bots for these sites (that don’t contain captcha). And for the real ones, they rarely look at it. Let me tell you what I did while using these sites. I opened the site, I switched to Orkut(yeah, I used these sites in 2007-08), surfed a bit, returned to the traffic exchange site, entered the captcha and moved to the next site. This process kept repeating for a while until I got bored and closed that site. I am pretty sure the majority of these users used the site like this so the visits you get from these sites are nothing less than fake visits.

Bounce Rate (according to Wikipedia) means “It represents the percentage of visitors who enter the site and “bounce” (leave the site) rather than continue viewing other pages within the same site.” As I have mentioned above the time is maximum of 30 seconds (mostly) to visit the sites in these traffic exchange sites. So, when you will get hundreds of visits with 30 seconds maximum time, your site’s avg. time is going to decrease with the increase of your bounce rate which should be as low as possible. If you won’t avoid these sites, your bounce rate is bound to increase.

The users of these traffic exchanging sites visit multiple sites in a single session. What’s the percentage that they would stop-by and get attracted by some time? In my opinion, just 5%. Why would they care about someone else’s site when they just want quick traffic to theirs’. So, that really means that almost nobody in these traffic exchanging sites actually cares about your site. What does this lead to? Just hundreds to fake visits.

Really folks, these kinds of sites (traffic exchange sites) are a waste of time. Leave these sites and try to optimize your sites for search engines, write quality articles on your site, utilize sophisticated tools like Babylon Traffic and you won’t only get more visits than these traffic exchanging sites, but on the top, you will get original visits.