Free traffic exchange scripts

Autosurf networks are more for people who want to make a few dollars a day by running a piece of software in the background of their computers. You’re free to try both out and see which provides better traffic, however.

 Hitleap – Often considered the cream of the crop for autosurf exchanges, this site has a dynamic timer and allows you to change a bunch of options for your surfer, including referrer data and visit length. The rate is .7.

Rank Boostup – Another site with a custom timer, this one has configurable referrer data and is integrated with an Alexa toolbar. It also includes geotargeting, for added benefit. Also a .7 ratio.

Otohits – This one also has a custom timer – seeing a trend? – and has a ratio of 1. You can surf using a browser based web app, or you can use a stand-alone program for your surfing.

Elite Autosurf – No custom timer on this one, it’s fixed at 10 seconds, giving you six hits a minute. With a ratio of .5, that means you can earn three credits per minute. They have weekly contests for referrals, though, giving you the opportunity to rake in the traffic.

Twistrix – A ratio o f.6, a custom timer, configurable referrers or a hidden referrer, and they come with weekly contests for actual cash prizes. What more could you want from an autosurf?

There you have it. These are some of the best exchanges around. One common complaint with traffic exchanges in general is that the traffic is never very targeted. Even if the exchange segments sites into categories and keeps users going to the categories they’re interested in, they’re still publishers, not users. On the other hand, if you are looking for quality and targeted traffic for you r website than your best bet is Babylon Traffic.