How to reach 100 000 monthly visitors for your blog

I’m sure you’ve probably read other blogs out there that give you marketing and traffic advice. Hey, they’ll even give you a list of 8,000 things you can do today to get traffic for your blog. The problem is that you don’t need eight thousand ways to get traffic—you really just need two or three. In fact, if you look at just about ANY major blog out there, they all get over 75% of their traffic from three sources: Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

So it makes sense to me that if you’re going to focus on getting more blog traffic, you should focus on these three sources—and not waste your time with the other 7,997 free ways to get traffic to your blog.

Focus on guest blogging. Now, you’ve probably heard of guest blogging before. Make sure that you only focus on getting links from high-quality blogs. Always looks for sites that have a Google PageRank of two or higher, and an Alexa Rank of 900,000 or less. Also, I look over the site and make sure it looks legitimate. Also, the great thing about guest blogging is that it’s 100% free!

When it comes to Facebook use A Fan Page. You should have a fan page for your blog and post regular content. People respond best to pictures on Facebook so make sure you post a lot of great, interesting pictures. Also, I highly recommend using Facebook comments. You should have a Facebook ‘Like’ button on your blog posts, preferably at the top.

Additionally, I use Babylon Traffic the only automated software that I use and I’ve found it extremely effective in helping me drive traffic to blog. All in all, there is no secret to blogging. All you can do is, write high-quality content consistently and you will see visitors coming to your blog. Be consistent with your writing and be patience with the result.