Practical approach on what to do to get adult traffic

Use Long-Tail Keywords

This is an SEO tactic that applies to any type of site – not just adult SEO. Long-tail keywords don’t have incredibly huge monthly searches. However, they have minimal competition. Just imagine targeting a keyword found only in a handful of other websites.
How do you find such keywords? To do this, you have to think like your typical user. What would they search when looking for porn? What unique preferences do they have?

What types of fantasies do they crave? What kind of experience are they looking for? Every user has a unique perspective. So, even if they may search for the same thing, they’ll do it in different ways. For instance, ladies may be more inclined to romantic themes compared to men.

Use Social Media

Social Media sites such as Reddit have a lot of NSFW (Not Safe For Work) boards which allow users to submit links to their videos, this is a great source for free adult traffic. You can also use twitter, however, be careful with the type of content you tweet, remember to mark your account as NSFW to avoid reports.

Buy Traffic

Advertising on major adult related websites seems to be the most common way many webmasters use to increase visitors, the key to buying adult traffic is getting repeat visitors.

Many adult websites rely on AD views to create revenue and if your paying for visitors then it’s going to be difficult to make every hit return some sort of profit. Making sure your visitor has a good experience is key to this, fast loading media, no intrusive pop-ups or redirects and giving them the content they want without having to dive through too many hoops is ideal.

If your website has a catchy brand or logo then that’s even best because most visitors could be browsing your website in “Private” mode meaning they will have no history of your website address.

If you are interested in buying adult traffic, Babylon Traffic is the best solution for you. Buying traffic for your website is simple and fast, for many adult webmasters it’s the best way to get those repeat visitors and much-needed ad-revenue.