Baby steps to ensure that people sign in on your website

Right off the bat, explain why a visitor should register with your site. Just as with landing pages, the fewer form fields you can get away with in your registration process, the less likely you’ll suffer mid-form abandonment. Consider what information you absolutely must gather. And if you’re asking for information that isn’t required to help with your lead nurturing, make sure those fields are clearly marked as optional so users know they don’t need to divulge that information.

For many eCommerce sites, the registration process is combined with the checkout process, which means a bigger time investment and more opportunities for users to get frustrated. Break up the process into clearly labeled steps.

 Security is important, but when a new registrant is selecting a password for your site, they probably have a few variations from which they’re used to draw. Sure, a mix of characters and caps is a good idea, but keep your expectations reasonable. If your password requirements are too narrow — it must be less than 7 characters, use at least one number, one punctuation mark, one instance of caps, and none of the following terms — the options become quite narrow. Take a cue from Google and create strong requirements, and indicate their progress with a “password strength” visual.

Whether due to fumbling fingers or misinterpretation of what a field required, users will make mistakes when filling out registration forms on your site. If a field isn’t completed correctly, don’t just tell them they made a mistake. Show them in which field the error occurred, and explain the correct way to fill out the field. Do it in bright colors so it stands out and they don’t have to re-read every form field they entered, scanning for mistakes.

Basically, the more traffic you get higher is the chance of people singing in. There is no better tool in the online market then Babylon when it comes to boosting your traffic. Any of these methods can turbocharge your sign-ups in a short time — so try them out. Just remember they are not overnight miracles, so you’ll have to keep up with them and continue going forward with what works.