Alexa rank- check the popularity of any website

Alexa Inc. is a subsidiary of Amazon; a corporation based in California, US. Alexa solely concentrates on commercial website traffic data. It offers internet users with a toolbar as mid-1997, thus the user has fast access to website tools in his web browser.

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Website owners can also make use of Alexa page rank checker in creating customized deliverable reports for their ultimate clients.

The consistency of Alexa traffic rank typically depends upon the number of individuals of the toolbar. Though, the origin of the toolbar and the exact number of users are not revealed to the general public. Though still, it is expected to develop ruling on the importance of Alexa website Ranking/Alexa ratings are solely based upon identified website visits (Alexa traffic) along with its Rankings. Consequently, there have been some initiatives in which a connection has been created between the number of website visitors as well as the ranking.

Alexa web ranking solely relies on the information that they usually get through Alexa Rank Toolbar. The project calculates Ratings via web traffic and the backlink profiles and concludes the Alexa ranks. This free toolbar is accessible for all users of Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer plus through the Alexa internet website. In order to be capable of getting these statistics, users should install the free Alexa toolbar on their web browser.