Get 1k visitors per day with these techniques

A lot of people overthink things when it comes to getting blog traffic, and they make it more complicated than it needs to be. They read too much into all the different techniques and spend way too much of their time tweaking this and that trying to ensure that every aspect of their blog looks great.

First, you should make it simple for the person viewing your content to understand it. Second, make sure that the reader finds immense benefit in it.

Use Yoast SEO, a free WordPress plugin that tells you everything you need to do to rank for a particular keyword. Exactly how Google decides on where to rank your blog post is a huge mystery, but we do know that a big part of that decision depends on how much the search engine likes your website. Google likes to link to websites that are user-friendly, up to date, popular, and trustworthy. Just remember that your content has to be great, to begin with. You can optimize mediocre content all you want, but if it isn’t amazing, it just won’t get linked to, which means that it won’t rank very well in Google.

You’ve published your blog post and made it easy for the search engines to find it, now let’s ensure that it’s easy for people to find it, as well. You obviously want as many people as possible seeing your content in this battle for eyeballs.

In addition to that initial traffic, the more people like and share your content, the more traffic you will get in the future and there is no better place to start with then a Babylon Traffic.

While these things may not seem like much on their own, remember, it’s about momentum, so consistency is of value here. If you keep at it, before long these small trickling streams will add up to a raging river of traffic that just keeps flowing and growing.