Increase traffic to a website without doing any PPC

Like search engines, people use social media a lot. You can generate more traffic from current followers back to your website, or get in front of new ones turning them into loyal readers of your content. The key to social is relevancy, consistency, and communication. A tweet every other week isn’t going to do anything for you. Keep a consistent rhythm on the social networks that your prospects are using, share your (and other people’s) relevant content with them, and get the conversations flowing. Eventually, it will turn into website traffic.

This one isn’t as easy to control and typically the volumes won’t be high, but it can be a way to get some supplemental traffic. The best way to get referral traffic is by increasing the number of links that other people have on their website back to yours. Don’t go bugging people for the links, instead create helpful, unique content (like a blog) that will naturally grow links because people want to share it.

Don’t forget memberships you’re part of. If your a member of the local chamber or industry groups, make sure that your links back to your website are working appropriately.

Yes, this might fall in line with social, but I’m going to list it as a separate option anyways. Find relevant groups that are having discussions around the topics related to your business. If you provide valuable insight, eventually you will get noticed. By growing your personal brand as a thought leader, that can also trigger more traffic to your business’ website. Not only that, but it’s helping you stand out from the conversation. The first place I’d start: LinkedIn. There’s a ton of great conversations happening in literally every industry.

These, besides Babylon- a noteworthy traffic tool, are the best things to do to increase website traffic you just aren’t feeling the pay-per-click thing. Hopefully you’re making that decision based on data vs gut instinct, but either way, you have options.