Redirect traffic from other websites to your website with link building

Links are one of the most important ranking factors into account by search engines. It is not just the quantity of links that matters, but also the quality of those links, and whether they are ‘followed’.

Before you start publishing free content online or asking other websites to link to yours, you’ll need to pick a specific keyword you want to rank for. Once you have decided the most valuable non-branded keyword for your business, then you can start implementing your link building strategy.

As your first step, create a list of websites with a high Domain Authority that might be willing to link to you.

Do a Google search and make a list of all the blogs that have a Domain Authority above 30. You can also search for ‘cookery course comparison’ or other search terms related to cookery courses, and then make a list of the sites you find there too.

Once you have created a list of sites that might be open to linking to you, do some research on the site and try and find the email address of the site owner or blog manager.

To increase your chances of getting a response, I recommend sending a personalized email to each website owner or blog manager.

One final thing to bear in mind when link building is the anchor text of the links that you get. When you do get to the stage of asking for a link (or asking them to alter a link they have already given you) it is important to ask that the link directs to the specific page you’re trying to rank for your chosen keyword, and that the anchor text of the link is the keyword you are targeting.

Having other websites link to your website, especially ones with a high Domain Authority, will help you to rank higher in search engines for your chosen keywords. This means that people who are searching for that keyword are more likely to find your website and online courses.

It takes time to execute this strategy properly and start ranking in search engines for your keyword, but you can shorten that time with Babylon Traffic. The end result is a constant flow of potential customers to your courses. Pretty good deal, in my opinion!