Target USA traffic for your WordPress blog with these tips

Geotargeting can be especially helpful when you’re trying to reach the right audience and improve your site’s performance or increase your conversions.

If you’ve ever wondered if your WordPress site would benefit from enhanced targeting efforts and you have a very specific geographic audience in mind, look into these geotargeting plugins, tips and tools mentioned below. You won’t regret the effort.

The Geolocation plugin allows WordPress users to seamlessly add geo-data into their posts. Besides adding value to your post, this is hugely helpful when you want to provide some locational insight to readers. Once you add geo-data to any post on the Edit Post page, users will see a link on the published post. On hover, it opens up an interactive map. Working with the plugin gets easier if you’re using WordPress for iPhone, WordPress for Android, or WordPress for BlackBerry. That’s because these apps have built-in geotagging features that instantly geotag your posts

If you’re looking for one plugin to assist with geo-marketing for your website then the CF Geo Plugin might be a perfect fit. This plugin uses geographic data about your visitors to help you create target marketing campaigns, display local currencies in your e-commerce shop, redirect users to the correct localized/translated page on your site and even filter out legal notices that may not be required for specific locations.

For country-based traffic, you should submit your website to local search engines and local web directories. This will eventually become a very useful tool for getting country-specific backlinks, which will become a significant factor in determining the geo-location of your traffic.

Next, you will need to keep track of the keyword’s progress in your target country. This will help you to find out which strategies are working and which are not.

When you identify a strategy that works, you can focus on that strategy and work on it to push it to the next level.

Whenever you are writing a business plan for your blog, your targeted country should be at the top of your priority list. This will help you to efficiently plan your content marketing and guest blogging campaigns and I don’t know the better tool for attracting geo-targeted audience than Babylon Traffic.