A ways to increase website traffic from the UK

Before actively driving traffic to your website it’s good practice to make sure it’s optimised for both speed and different devices. It would be frustrating to put in the hard work getting customers to your site for them to bounce because they have to zoom on their mobile to read your content or endure a long loading time. By optimising your website you’ll be improving the customer journey and encouraging them to spend longer online. Use Google’s free Mobile-Friendly Test to enter your domain name and get a grade for how well your website works on mobile. Google also offer a tool to test your site’s speed, PageSpeed Insights- this grades your website and shows you the areas you need to improve (if some of the suggestions seem too technical, pass them over to your web developer or hosting provider – they’ll be able to advise you further). Your website’s mobile optimisation and loading speed also affects how well you rank in search engines.

Social media can be a valuable tool to increase traffic to your website by allowing you to send an interested and engaged audience straight to your site. You can explore the many opportunities to utilise your social channels from sharing blog posts, promoting products and services, to showcasing a link to your website in a prominent location. Set aside some of your schedule to get active on social; engage with relevant industry conversations and talk to your potential customers.

There are a whole host of online advertising formats that can drive traffic to your website, from paid search to social media adverts. PPC (pay-per-click) advertising on Google displays your website at the top of the search results pages by bidding for relevant keywords, while social media advertising displays graphics and links to highly targeted audiences to drive traffic to your site.

Do you have the capability to offer a free product or service? By offering a giveaway and creating a buzz, via advertising and offline promotion, you can attract traffic and drive it towards your website. Once you know the nature of your offer, use a quality traffic tool called Babylon and promote your offer on your blog, social media, and offline (where possible) – you might be surprised by the response you get.