Traffic sources that will help you attract targeted adult traffic to your website

Choose the high-traffic website that has a narrowed, relevant audience of the similar demographic you’re trying to reach, a network that resonates with your niche, or simply pick sophisticated traffic source called Babylon.

Also, never spend your money all at once (rather spend little by little, embrace split testing to see what brings you results, start by covering a wide segment, then analyze your ROI and perform further segmentation to drive the biggest profit possible; never rely just on your hunch – analyze real performance);

It’s always good to snoop around the competition (explore what your successful competitors are doing and pick up the patterns; if they invest time and money in placing a banner on a certain website for a significant period of time, follow their example)

Taking in mind all of this, it’s also important not to view media buying as a sure gain. Buying media is not a shortcut, but a campaign that requires a strategic investment of time and money – sometimes even mind-blowing amounts of money (some webmasters charge up to $50.000 for advertising space on their sites). Focus on developing relationships with those who own important and well-visited channels, as you can benefit from connections more than you probably assume. When you find a satisfying website to place your banner, negotiate the price and conditions. It is almost an art to find the balance between the price you pay and the performance of the offer you’re looking to promote.

There are literally dozens of ways to attract new site visitors to your adult dating affiliate website. Whenever you start crafting marketing campaigns, ask yourself the following three questions: who are you trying to reach, where and how are they used to interacting online, and what is your end goal. Embrace the trial and error approach and try to be organized. Planning goes a long way.