Free Traffic sources for marketing

Google– Organic search is obviously the grand emperor of all traffic. It’s free, it’s bigger than Ben Hur (bigger than Facebook and Instagram combined, 3.5 billion searches are made each day), and it’s targeted. People searching for your topic are obviously very interested in your topic – that’s why they’re searching for it! This obviously means that it is hotly contested. The battle for top search result spots is the fiercest battles in modern-day internet marketing.

Facebook groups are a way to genuine free traffic on Facebook. You don’t have to pay Facebook for people to see group posts. Not everyone will see all the posts, it will depend on their engagement with the group. You can get pretty good organic reach with groups.

You can post links and offers in Facebook groups too. The only problem is, you have to look after the group.

If it is a public group, you will have all sorts of people spamming all sorts of things in the group. You might have to do a lot of deleting and blocking to stop it becoming a spam fest (since other marketers understand that Facebook groups are a free traffic source too).

Youtube is a big scary beast and is growing more and more. Soon it will take over the whole damn internet!

Facebook is moving more and more towards video (on both Facebook and Instagram via IGTV) because they see it as a  future battleground. Google and Facebook are the two internet Goliaths and video is where they will be fighting their fiercest battle.

If you can make decent videos and put them on Youtube, you can get traffic from it. It’s that simple!

As many people say, traffic is the lifeblood of any internet marketing business. You also need ways to convert that traffic. But with no traffic, you don’t even have a chance of a conversion. I actually like using a mix of free and paid traffic.